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Bird Brains React

Sr. Paranoid Skitzo’s on Twitter heating up over Nashville. The team leader is named “Cat Turd,” recently promoted from Jr. Investigator in the ranks of delusional Twitter users.

CatTurd: “The bombing is weird as well. I don’t know what it is, but something doesn’t seem right to me. You?” (This is known as a schizophrenic episode or the activation of pareidolia)


“The Nashville mayor is acting cool about it makes me think he knows a lot more. He should have been worried about follow-up blasts, yet he knew with calm and certainty it was one and done.”

“Seems too specific, with a warning, and no deaths, of a telecom location, with the FBI putting out weird statements… to not be deep state-related…”

“They knew what was going to happen. I’ll never believe any different!”

“FBI taking the lead on this is concerning.”

“When the FBI acts that quickly = red flag.

“Terrorists were doing a trial run to take out 911 systems.”

“It has something to do with NSA servers!”

😂🤣😅 And it goes on, and on, and on…

It’s all fun and games until somebody believes your propaganda and acts on it. Obsessing over this garbage is guaranteed to not make your life any better.

These days, people feel obligated to have some sort of opinion at every turn. Maybe it’s because later they can say they guessed correctly, or to scratch that itch of a hunch about why it could’ve happened in the first place. I think where you draw the line is presenting these ‘facts’ to people who have a delicate psyche. The last thing we need is more guys trying to attack more stuff because they believe there’s a connection between politics and this kind of behavior.

Copy cats and bird brains shouldn’t get mixed up in the same issues because only one of them is truly dangerous. The others tweet tweet tweet and fly out of sight, leaving the triggered felines prowling around for a target on the ground.

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