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Cannabis Pseudo Scientist

What’s the best cannabis nutrient? Ask a guy who asked a guy in a forum who asked a guy in a forum who read in a forum the viewpoint of a guy who asked another guy in a forum. We all know how it goes!

Let me ask you something. What’s the true qualitative best of anything? Let’s establish that the word “best” is totally subjective. It’s fair to say that best is most often from a single myopic view. It doesn’t count if you are sold on marketing claims. This isn’t about proof, though – that’s always available if you want to find it. It’s about you telling people that one thing is better than another simply because that’s what you were told. The reality is that you fumble when it comes to breaking down the science of horticulture.


  • Mix the blue thing with the red thing and you’ll make a lot of money. Yo, it works! My buddy did it a bunch of times and got mad pot from it.
  • Advanced Nutrients, the fertilizer, doesn’t work. I’ve never tried it, but I really like Home & Garden. It’s all I’ve ever tried, so it’s got to be good. Read these 15 links to forums where people say the same thing.
  • Yo, bro — these grow lights that just came out are da best out. Nobodies had a chance to use them because they were just invented 2 months ago, but I know they rock. All of the scientific data is on the website. It’s proven!
  • Me: My grandfather just died. You: Oh my god, he should try CBD, it might help! Me: He’s dead!

Let me make short work out of your big problem. Anything you know about a scientific subject can and will be proven wrong at any time. That’s all you should take for granted. If you gather the opinions of other idiots without tracing the information back to quantifiable scientific data involving experiments — then you know nothing, John Snow! Stop being an arrogant know-it-all about cannabis. If you know so much then produce that loud, fire green as evidence!

Why do people like this always hype up how much they know — and when harvest comes around, they’re learning from the next mistake? I’ve seen friends grow this way for years, and while the journey is exciting, they never seem to produce the fire to prove it’s worth the time.

Put your fat buds where your mouth is and stop giving people advice you don’t completely comprehend. Also, stop annoying people with your lack of situational perception when it comes to ‘lurking variables’.

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