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Developing Results

The mindset of many developers really boggles my mind sometimes. If you create something from scratch, and it does not work, or work properly, what’s the deal? If it’s its practitioners are not incompetent, or lazy; how did we reach this point?

Common issues that you pay for:

  1. No attention paid to what’s going on at millions of other projects
  2. Attempting to do things they aren’t familiar with beyond a novice level
  3. Not keeping up-to-date with the project details during downtime

Here’s an example of how it works at most companies today:

Now, we have to ask ourselves. WHAT is a bug?

What is a bug?

  1. Browser issues are common these days. i.e., Firefox vs. Chrome. This is best done by QA or some kind of testing team using any one of the various platforms out there today. i.e., BrowserShots. (Resolution, Display, Placement, etc.)
  2. Overlooking the intended logic of something as part of the original request. i.e, The button does nothing when pressed. We asked for a blue button but it was also supposed to register somebody for a newsletter
  3. Problems with the approach in how the code is written in the first place. This is a novice issue of “I will try to do it” and you end up with 20 hours instead of 2 while they attempt to rise and meet the challenge

What’s a perfect world look like?

I’m working on that… 😉

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