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Glue People

Paychecks for those of us who are completely checked out.

What’s better than free money? Glue people collect money from people, companies, causes, and any other way that manifests as a complete lack of motivation to contribute. They have poor beliefs which inform bad attitudes and ultimately work-evading behavior. The best way to describe them? They cash checks while they are ‘checked out’.

Nobody wanted to say it – but we’ve all worked with people like this in organizations. They suck the life blood (funding) out of companies with their lack of motivation and consistently poor execution. I’ve been with them in meetings where they stay silent. Ownership? Forget about it. They’ll wait for the next guy to pick that up. Good ideas? None planned.

The entitlement they feel, that they get the next paycheck for doing nothing the prior period, is addictive. If only they could avoid working long enough to win the lottery – better known as a layoff w/ severance.

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