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I found an anomaly

Do you ever work with or meet people who obsess over finding anomalies? I don’t know what makes them tick, but I can tell you how it comes off when that’s not what is being asked of them. I find many of these people have trouble staying focused on topics or tasks. They think they are the only people in the world who can total up numbers, spell (see Grammar Na*i), or align things with precision. The problem is they take many detours on the ‘road to meaning’ that aggravate and annoy others. If there are multiple paths to the same destination, they’d prefer that you take the one they arbitrarily decide is the best. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s longer, harder, less logical, or even wrong, they’re stuck on stupid. You found the anomaly, but you missed the point, derailed the conversation, and you’re not in an editorial role. Do you know what’s better than perfect? DONE! These people obsess over details, often causing them to fail to complete tasks. The first thing they see is a minor grammar issue, but it’s also the last. Ask them the point of what they were looking at, or to recall any details about the big picture. They live to dive into these little obsessive details missing the whole point. That’s annoying!

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