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It’s all about the snowflake

If you can’t understand something that doesn’t mean it needs to change…

If you won’t agree that doesn’t mean it’s not agreeable…

If you can’t believe something that doesn’t make it unbelievable…

There is always that one person who thinks everything needs to change, disagrees, and finds things confusing, while a hundred others can successfully navigate the process without issue. Congrats on being a snowflake.

The reason you don’t understand is that you’re likely overthinking it, lacking common sense, or not focused on the objectives.

If you disagree, ask yourself, do I appear courtesy of myself? Am I at work right now? What’s best for my team and company? Why am I making this about me?

If you don’t’ believe it’s possible, then maybe you’re the wrong person to be talking to about it. You may be a bigger fan of something called the status quo. How about Status No?

Stop thinking it’s all about you! Statistically, there’s always an idiot or two or three in every crowd. Maybe this time, it’s you. Heck, maybe it’s always you. The sooner you realize that the “way you see it” doesn’t match the herd’s perspective, the sooner you can descend back down to the earth.

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