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It’s your fault I can’t pay you

Loaned out a bit of dough to a friend or family member, and having a hard time getting it back? You are not alone. If I had all of the money that people have owed me in past years, I’d pay a designer to make this blog look WAY cooler. It’s unfortunate, but somehow you can be blamed for providing a person with opportunity in the form of cold, hard cash. Where did it go? Has nothing to do with you. When’s it coming back? It’s complicated …

Many of these people were friends or acquaintances who needed an opportunity – and you were the gateway to their achieving financial freedom. I’ve paid for power bills, popped tires, family court, new appliances, and many other reasons which were likely valid at the time. The deal was sweet and worth pursuing when that pressing issue was stressing them out. How else could they move on? Survive? Unfortunately, some people will get help – and they will never do anything to adjust their behavior to help themselves.

Buying more time is all they can afford. We’ve all seen it … Somebody owes you $400 and sends you a link to Craigslist for a pair of $400 tires that they want. Damn, too bad they don’t even have a license or registration.

This is an issue of priorities, folks. How many people did you promise to pay back with that tax return, only to disappear at the end of January with no $$$? Turns out the Feds took all the tax return money – and they didn’t bother to tell them until April! It’s unreal… Truly.

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