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Most People Don’t

Most people don’t … say that … wear that … think about that … ask about that … want those … do that ….

We all know this saying because we’ve heard it dozens, if not more, times. Most people don’t know the slightest thing about calculating statistics. I’ve been hearing this from people all my life. I tie my shoes in a way that I developed, which works nearly identically but more effectively than how others do it.

What’s the result of doing things differently? It’s that people want to force you into the herd mentality. What is this really all about? It’s a probe against your willpower to maintain a modicum of independence. People who say this are trying to indirectly ‘correct’ your behavior by correlating what they believe is the norm to your current situation. Now, of course, this doesn’t work well most of the time because it’s a control war between two potentially differing perspectives.

Most people don’t:

  • Care about acknowledging your cause, approach, or way of living life at every turn.
  • Become successful by following the ‘beaten path’ and acting like one of the herd.
  • Have the courage to question tradition and all of the beliefs that inform the attitudes and behavior of previous and future generations.

Most people don’t … get off their goddamn phones. Most people don’t: pay attention to what’s around them; care about sharing public spaces with others; drive like they want to live; or have consideration for other people.

Face it: No other person is going to meet your illusory standards for what they ‘should’ do as per your supreme wisdom. The only person who’s going to do everything exactly the way you want (with no prior notice) is you. Give it up! You are annoying.

(Most people who keep saying that should visit –

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