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My First Manager Job

So they put you in charge or something, huh? What was your first thought at that exact moment? Was it I’m going to make a big difference? I’m going to help people? I’m going to help grow my company? I will be fair in my approach? I’m going to make sure I prepare and train to fill this role? Or best of all: My sphere of influence is growing?!!! MUHAHAHAHA.

Here’s what you will do — You’ll do whatever comes to mind or you read on random blogs.

My take on this: Why don’t you try to catch up to where you are? Let’s be honest — if you’ve never managed before, you’ve got to be careful to not let your ego take over.

Here are a few symptoms of first-time managers:

  • The manager is easily manipulated by haters who point him/her in other directions. It’s snitching on a small-time basis, but they always go for it. They don’t have the necessary perspective to initiate conflict resolution by attacking the other party. After all, the person who complained is most likely the victim. They come in all “Why’d you do that?!” before finding out it’s the person who sent them that’s pulling the strings.
  • Questioning anything that involves people they don’t like or don’t completely trust. These people have crap intuition when it comes to work relationships because they’ve always been on the employee side of things. Put in charge of a vendor? They’ll question EVERYTHING about what’s happening – simply because they don’t have a clue about what’s going on. Sometimes the best way to let things work is to make sure the vendor or employee is delivering what they promised – and leave them alone!

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