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Are you annoyed, or annoying?

I created this page for a simple reason – there are really annoying people out there in the world today. Not only that, but many of them are unable to self-correct even when given the exact information they need to understand the issue, often becoming defensive and letting ego take over. Not surprisingly, many of these ‘bad habits’ that annoy others are picked up like a contagion. One might not realize they act exactly like their mother, father, or maybe a best friend growing up. Beliefs inform attitude, and attitude informs behavior. My thought is that if I provide a step-by-step process it might wake something up in annoying people for the better.

Feel free to pass on an article to an annoying friend, coworkers, boss, or family member. We’ll say what you’ve always wanted to say. Let’s be honest – if somebody has annoying habits it’s their problem to ‘see’ the right way and ultimately fix that behavior.

(Disclaimer: All examples, scenarios, stories, and names are fictitious. If you think one of these articles is about you then we’re doing something right. Our stories can have a number of different contributors if you’re interested in becoming one, let us know)

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